Above: animated video banner at desktop level

Note, the majority of this text applies to the website viewed at desktop level, as the website looks very different on various mobile devices. The client wanted a website which illustrates ‘movement through stillness’, this seemed an oxymoron at first but after a few designs it seemed I achieved this, what do you think? Also testimonials needed to be displayed in a subtle method, which did not distract the visitors, the colours needed to be relaxing, therefore, I proposed a sand colour with the video of the blue sky looping in the background. The timetable and social media needed to be prominent, therefore, I decided to have those sections fixed to the same position on each¬†page.

Above: banner at desktop level

Above: banner at mobile phone level

Additionally,¬† within the static banners I showed the ‘spiritual growth’ of the Yoga teacher, as the first picture from left to right shows her as translucent, the second picture shows her transparent and the final completely opaque, with a glow around her. As the client wanted to show her journey, represented in a subtle picture ‘progression’ format.


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