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About Me

As an independent web developer, who has a real penchant for coding, I have developed my skills to an advanced level. I particularly like working closely with the client, to understand their business and brand.  The essence of this website is not commerce but to illustrate my vast skills, it’s a ‘portfolio’ and will be a hub to my JavaScript skills. I have developed quite a passion for JavaScript, I combine JavaScript with my web development knowledge to enhance a web presence.

I graduated with a great degree but the dilemma of having a degree without the necessary work experience was a burden I carried for some years. However, due to my tenacity and autodidactic spirit I have overcome this to an extent.

“This agent doesn’t
use themes”

All my web development projects are built in WordPress, the quote ‘This agent doesn’t use themes’, infurs … I don’t use downloaded themes to ‘enhance’, as I like to give the client a bespoke web presence, which they can accessibly update. I’m very passionate about WordPress, as I have travelled to many WordCamps i.e. WordCamp Vienna 2016, to hear the latest news on the CMS (Content Management System) and to affiliate with the community. With WordPress it’s possible to design and develop a unique compelling and user-friendly web presence.

I definitely provide a service which exceeds expectations, until it becomes a standard.

I’m not a ‘geeky’ web developer …. I love to travel, exercise, performing strength training such as dips and lateral pull-ups. I own a ‘library’ a voracious reader, I have books on a variety of subjects from philosophy to history. I also love chess but depending on my opponent, my enthusiasm for the game out weights my ability.

I collect proverbs, as I have a document in which I add ‘thought’ provoking ones I come across. The latest is:

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”


Henry Ford